Pillar 1/Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team inspires men to make action commitments that brings closer to their goals while being supported by a accountability partner. Helping the men to create the leader within themselves.

Pillar 2/Operations Team

Our Operations Team organize and ensure the success of all Lions Circle events through tracking and transparency of all team activities.

Wealth Team

Our Wealth Team develop and deliver formal wealth and financial education programs for the men of THE LIONS CIRCLE.

Pillar 3/Community Team
Training Team

Our Training Team prepares new candidates on to how embrace and utilize the tools of THE LIONS CIRCLE.

Marketing Team

Our Marketing Team define our public image by creating a communications and brand standard. They leverage social media and commuity events to position THE LIONS CIRCLE as a resource for the community.

Health Team

Our Health Team inspire healthy living in the daily lifestyle of THE LIONS CIRCLE by assessing tracking and improving the health of the men.

Our Community Team work diligently to ensure the men give back to their communities both as individuals and as a group.