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About Us

Our Vision

To contribute to our rich and proud legacy by reinvigorating our families and communities with mature black masculinity

Our Vision

Our Mission

To unfetter the limitless talents of black men to facilitate growth and success in every area of their lives

Our purpose is to competently lead men into the next iteration (evolution) of the Lions Circle as an act of service, to a place of empowerment that men would not and could not get to by themselves, and to do so with skill, enlightened dedication, love, compassion and a deep sense of purpose


Our Teams

Pillar 1

Leadership Team
(Growing The Men)

Our Leadership Team inspires men to make action commitments that brings closer to their goals while being supported by a accountability partner. Helping the men to create the leader within themselves


Pillar 2

Operations Team

(Growing The Organization)

Our Operations Team organize and ensure the success of all Lions Circle events through tracking and transparency of all team activities

LC XMAS Party (Dec 13 2014) - 1.jpg

Community Team

(Growing The Community)

Pillar 3

Our Community Team work diligently to ensure the men give back to their communities both as individuals and as a group

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